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Preparing For Cybersecurity Interviews

Joshua BeamanJoshua Beaman 27/03/2024

We've created a free collection of interactive quizzes to help you prepare for cyber security job interviews! From Security Operations to Digital Forensics, Threat Intelligence to Penetration Testing, test your skills now!

Why Did we Create This course?

If you're preparing for an interview, you'll likely search for quizzes that are relevant to the role, such as Googling “SOC Analyst interview questions”. We found that a lot of these resources have weaknesses, such as outdated questions, or not providing useful feedback when you get a question wrong. We decided to create a free course that includes a range of interactive quizzes for different cybersecurity job roles, giving everyone a single resource to test their knowledge and identify weak areas before attending an interview.


What's in the Course?

The free course is split in to 8 sections:

Interview Preparation Tips
Security Operations - 2 quizzes, 40 questions total
Incident Response - 2 quizzes, 40 questions total
Penetration Testing - 2 quizzes, 40 questions total
Threat Intelligence - 1 quiz, 20 questions total
Digital Forensics - 1 quiz, 20 questions total
Malware Analysis - 1 quiz, 20 questions total
Governance, Risk, and Compliance - 1 quiz, 20 questions total

That's a whopping 200 questions to help you better prepare!

We also use a range of question types to make quizzes engaging and varied, such as single-choice, multiple-choice, sorting, and matching questions.


Accessing the Course

Register for a free SBT eLearning account to access the free cybersecurity interview prep course today.

Joshua Beaman

Joshua Beaman

Josh is the CEO and Founder of Security Blue Team. With a background in security operations and DFIR, he is passionate about passing on his knowledge to others.